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1938 : Nitto Seiko was originally founded as a manufacturer of X-ray timers and dial gauges.

1946 : Manufacture of reeling machines and components.
1947 : Manufacture of auto components.
1949 : Manufacture and sales of water meters.
1950 : Manufacture of photographic flash units.
1952 : Osaka branch opens.
1953 : Manufacture of cameras.

1956 : Manufacture and sales of cross recessed screw and heading punches.
1957 : Manufacture and sales of oil and gasoline flow meters.
1959 : Factory receives recognition as a JIS-approved facility for manufacturing cross recessed machine screws and others.

1960 : Company opens Tokyo branch.
1961 : Company begins manufacture and sales of turbine flow meters.
1962 : Corporate pledge inaugurated.
1963 : Nagoya branch established.

: Manufacture of 1.4-2mm precision screw heading machines.
1964 : Manufacture and sales of washer assembled screws.

: Begin sales of Philips / slot combination recessed screws.

Original Tokyo sales office.

1965 : Manufacture and sales of Standmat and Feedmat automatic screw driving machines and grooved fasteners.
1966 : Manufacture and sales of rivet setting machines.
1967 : Total Quality Control system inaugurated.

: Hiroshima sales office established.

: Manufacture and sales of Taptite® screws.
1968 : Stock offered on Kyoto stock exchange.

: Manufacture and sales of eyeletting machines.

: Nitto Koshin Co., Ltd.established.

: Precision Machine Section formed which will eventually become Assembly Machine Division.
1969 : Manufacture and sales of SPIROL® pins and cold forged parts.

: Kyushu Nitto Seiko Co., Ltd. established in southern island of Kyushu, Japan.

1970 : Kyushu sales office established.
1971 : Stock offered on 2nd Osaka Stock Exchange.

: New flow meter factory completed.

: Manufacture and sales of Longlock self-locking screws and constant flow valves.
1972 : Construction of head office research facility completed.

: Manufacture of LP gas dispenser, side vane flow meters, and mechanical flow meters.

Nitto Seiko Listing on 2nd Osaka Stock Exchange.

1975 : Manufacture and sales of TORX® screws.
1976 : Foreign Trade Department established.
1979 : Shi-Ho Screw Industrial Co., Ltd. established in Taiwan

: Development of Nicoflow meters for extremely small flow measurement.

Scara Type robot.

1980 : Manufacture and sales of 0.6mm screws (the world's smallest forged fastener) and dental instrument screws.

: Stock listed on 1st Osaka Stock Exchange.

: Recognized by the Defence Agency as a manufacturer of air craft fasteners.

: Control System Division certified by MITI as high-pressure gas plants.
1981 : Manufacture and sales of Scara type robot.
1982 : Yata factory completed in Kyoto, Japan.
1983 : Development of Rectangular coordinate robot.

: Nitto Tool Sales Co., Ltd. established.
1984 : Distribution center completed at Yata factory (Kyoto, Japan). Development of screw driving robot.

: Manufacture and sales of automobile mileage monitoring computer.

: VSI Automation Assembly Inc. established in the USA.

1985 : North Kanto Sales Office established.

: P.T. Nitto Alam Indonesia established.

: Stock listed on 1st Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1986 : Shizuoka Sales Office established.
1987 : Instrument Sales Dept. changed to Control Systems Division.

: Investment into Toyo Atsuzo Co., Ltd.
1988 : Manufacture and sales of mass flow meters.

: Yata factory recognized as a JIS-approved facility for self-drilling and self-tapping fasteners.

: Manufacture and sales of sealed injection plant.

: Nitto Seiko (Thailand) Co., Ltd. established.

1990 : South Kanto Sales Office and East Osaka Sales Office established.

: Nitto Seiko Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. established (currently Malaysian Precision Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.)

: AS factory completed in Yata (Kyoto,Japan).
1991 : Shiroyama factory completed in Kyoto, Japan (Assembly Machine Division).
1992 : Precision products factory completed in Yata (Kyoto, Japan.)
1994 : Special Procurements Sales Department established.

1995 : Fastener Division receive ISO-9002 quality approval.
1996 : Sales of GeoKarte automatic Swedish weight sounding machine.
1998 : Establishment of clean room at Yata factory.


2000 : Head office and factory, and Yata factory have acquired ISO 14001 certification.
2001 : Establishment of Nitto Precision Screw Industrial (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. in China
2002 : Launched advanced screwdriving robot SR560Y THETA
2002 : Launched mail sorter, Multi-cell Sorter
2002 : Launched AC servo driver with torque indicator, NX driver
2002 : Fastener Division has acquired ISO 9001 certification.
2003 : Establishment of the companyˇÕs code of ethics

2005 : Completion of Shiroyama Precision Assembly Factory of Machinery Division
2005 : Shiroyama Precision Assembly Factory (Assembly Machine Division)completed.
2008 : Shiroyama Factory and Control System Factory receive ISO 14001 certification.
2009 : Nitto Seiko America, a branch office, established in the USA.

2013 : THAI NITTO SEIKO MACHINERY CO., LTD. established in Thailand
2013 : PT. INDONESIA NITTO SEIKO TRADING, an affiliated company, established in Indonesia