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February , 1938

Manufacture of special timers and dial gauges.


July , 1947

Manufacture of automobile and camera components.

Camera components
November , 1949

Manufacture and sales of flow meters.

Manufacture and sales of flow meters

May , 1952 Osaka Office (current Osaka Branch) opens.
August , 1956 Manufacture of industrial fasteners.
April , 1957 Manufacture of precision flow meters.

July , 1960

Tokyo office(current Tokyo Branch)opens.

Tokyo branch

Tokyo branch

June , 1963 Nagoya Office(current Nagoya Branch) opens.
January , 1965 Manufacture of automatic screw driving machines.
November , 1967

Manufacture and sales of Taptite® screws.

Taptite® screws.

Taptite® screws.

August , 1968

Nitto Koshin Co., Ltd.(current Consolidated subsidiaries) established in Ayabe city, Kyoto.

February , 1971 Listed on the Osaka Stock Exchange Second Section.
March , 1974 Nissei Co., Ltd. (current Consolidated subsidiaries) established in Ayabe city, Kyoto.
 August , 1979 Shi-Ho Screw Industrial Co., Ltd.(current Consolidated subsidiaries),an affiliated company, established in Taiwan.
March , 1980 Manufacture and sales of 0.6mm screws (the world's smallest forged fastener) and dental instrument screws.
March , 1981

Manufacture and sales of Scara type robot.

Scara type robot

Scara type robot

July , 1982 Yata Factory(Fastener Division) completed in Ayabe city, Kyoto.
May , 1984 Control Center (Fastener Division) completed in Yata Factory.
June , 1985 P.T. NITTO ALAM INDONESIA(current Consolidated subsidiaries) , an affiliated company, established in Indonesia.
August , 1985 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section.
June , 1987 Investment in Toyo Atsuzo Co., Ltd.(current Consolidated subsidiaries) , Maebashi city, Gunma.
October , 1988 NITTO SEIKO (THAILAND) CO., LTD.(current Consolidated subsidiaries) , an affiliated company, established in Thailand.
July , 1990 MALAYIAN PRECISION MANUFACTURING SDN.BHD.(current Consolidated subsidiaries) , an affiliated company,established in Malaysia.
June , 1991 Shiroyama factory (Assembly Machine Division) completed in Ayabe city, Kyoto.
December , 1995 Fastener Division receives ISO 9002(current ISO 9001) certification.
April , 1996 Sales of GeoKarte automatic Swedish weight sounding machine.
August , 1998 Shiroyama Factory No.2 completed in Ayabe city, Kyoto.
May , 2000 Head office Factory and Yata Factory receive ISO 14001 certification.
September , 2001 Investment in Nitto Precision Screw Industrial (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.(current Consolidated subsidiaries) in China.
September , 2005 Completion of Shiroyama Precision Assembly Factory of Machinery Division.
July , 2008 Shiroyama Factory and Control System Factory receive ISO 14001 certification.
November , 2009 NITTO SEIKO AMERICA, a branch office(Renaming to America Michigan branch in June 2016), established in the USA.
July , 2013 THAI NITTO SEIKO MACHINERY CO., LTD. (current Consolidated subsidiaries) established in Thailand.
September , 2013 PT. INDONESIA NITTO SEIKO TRADING(current Consolidated subsidiaries), an affiliated company, established in Indonesia.
July , 2014 Toyoseiko co., ltd. was made into an affiliate.
June , 2016 NITTO SEIKO AMERICA, Tennessee branch office, established in the USA.
October , 2016 Acquired shares of Kyoei Seisakusyo Co.,Ltd.(current Consolidated subsidiaries) in Gojyo city, Nara.

June , 2017

Kyoto R&D center, established in Kyoto city, Kyoto.

July , 2017

Hiroshima sales office, established in Hiroshima city, Hiroshima.

August , 2017

Korea Office is established in the Korea.

October , 2017

NITTO SEIKO AMERICA CORPORATION(current Consolidated subsidiaries) is established in USA.

October , 2017

January , 2018 PT.NITTO ALAM INDONESIA obtain second factory.
May , 2018 Acquisition of shares of Shinwa Seiko Co., Ltd. (currently consolidated subsidiary) in Kamiina District, Nagano.