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Supporting world-class manufacturing with fastening solutions

Are you worried about screws, screw tightening, inspection, and cleaning?
Nitto Seiko will propose the most suitable screws, screwing machines and inspection / cleaning equipment.
We will introduce the achievements made through years of experience and examples of our solutions.

Application examples by industry


Nitto Seiko's technology is active in a wide variety of industries

Nitto Seiko products are active in a wide variety of industries. For example, “industrial fasteners (screws)” are used to conclude all industries such as automobiles, cameras, mobile phones, and glasses. “Screw tightening robots” and “automatic assembly machines” are used in the assembly process of automobiles, home appliances, amusement equipment and information equipment. Furthermore, "flow meters" are used in the process of making food, seasonings, juices, foods, drinks, and chemical products.

  • 自働車
  • 家電
  • 遊技・ゲーム機
  • 情報通信
  • 住宅
  • エネルギー(蓄電池)
  • 食品・薬品
  • 石油・化学
  • 船舶・燃焼
  • 水処理