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We ask our users to read and consent to the following terms before using the Nitto Seiko Co., Ltd. (“Company” hereinafter) website (“Site” hereinafter).

Use of the Site constitutes consent to the following terms.

These Terms of Use are subject to revision, addition, or deletion without notice.

Using the Site

1. The Company reviews in advance all information posted to and offered for download from the Site (including text, photographs, diagrams, audio, video, and other works; referred to collectively as “content” hereinafter). However, it provides no guarantees regarding the accuracy, reliability, or usefulness thereof. Purchase or use of products or services based on content provided by the Company requires separate confirmation or conclusion of contracts based on discussions with Company personnel.

2. The Company is not liable for any damages resulting from use of the Site or information downloaded from the Site.

3. The Company may suspend or discontinue operation of the Site without prior notice. The company is not liable for any consequences of using the Site, including access errors, interruptions, or errors arising while viewing the site or computer viruses or other harmful content hosted on the Site or its servers.

4. The Site is subject to updates, revisions, additions, and deletions from time to time without prior notice. Keep in mind that this is not a guarantee that the information on the Site is up to date. In addition, the structure of the content and URLs of individual pages are subject to revision, addition, or deletion without prior notice.


5. The contents of the Site, particularly content such as photographs of products and services, video, designs, specifications, and strengths of products and services, may merely be a representation or an outline of product series or groups. Accordingly, the information provided on the site may differ from information for specific products or models.

6. Due to various factors, information on the Site concerning Company business performance and future Company plans, strategies, or projections may differ substantially from actual business performance or other results.

7. The Site is not an inducement to invest. We ask all users to rely on their own judgment in making any final investment decisions.

Ownership of intellectual property

1. The Company owns all copyrights to Site content, which is protected by the Copyright Act. Duplication, imitation, or republication of such content without Company consent beyond the extent permitted under the Copyright Act, in whole or in part, is prohibited.

2. The Company name, product names, service names, and logos appearing on the Site are trade names, trademarks, and registered trademarks belonging to the Company
including trademarks licensed from other companies)。Other product names and service names are the trademarks or registered trademarks of the companies that provide such products or services.

Regarding the trademarks licensed by other companies, the contents are as follows.
NITTOSEIKO Licensed Trademark List
The following trademarks used in this web-site are Registered Trademark as, which each company listed next to each trademark has ownership or licensing-rights, and NITTOSEIKO is the regular licensee which authorized to use these trademarks.

TORX, TORX PLUS, STRUX ,AUDITORX: Acument Global Technologies B.V.(NL)

3. We ask those wishing to use the duplicate, imitate, or republish content from the Site to obtain permission in advance by contacting the Company via the “Content Use/Link Permission” link at the bottom of the page. Keep in mind that the Company may refuse or revoke permission to use content if it determines such use would be inappropriate or counter to the Company’s interests.

4. In the event the Company consents another party to use Site content, the Company categorically rejects any liability for any damages resulting from such use.

5. Please use the Company’s designated copyright statement when using Site content with the Company’s consent. When using trademarks or trade names, please clearly indicate that they are Company property.


1. We ask that those wishing to link to the Site obtain advance permission by contacting the Company via the “Content Use/Link Permission” link at the bottom of the page. Keep in mind that the Company may refuse or revoke permission to link to the site if it determines such a link would be inappropriate or counter to the Company’s interests.

2. Unless the Company specifies another destination for the link, link to the Company homepage (/) when linking to the Site with the Company’s permission. Indicate the Company’s name as either “Nitto Seiko Co., Ltd.” or “Nitto Seiko.” To link using a banner, please use either of the images below.



3. The Company rejects all liability for content hosted on websites linked to or from the Company’s website. We ask all users to review the precautions and other provisions regarding websites linked to or from the Company’s website.

Applicable law and court having jurisdiction

1. Use of the Site and interpretation and these Terms of Use shall be subject to the laws of Japan. In addition, the Kyoto District Court shall be the exclusive court for any and all disputes regarding use of the Site.