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Nitto Seiko Co., Ltd. (“Company” hereinafter) has a deep understanding of the importance of personal information obtained from our customers (“personal information” hereinafter) and proceeds based on the philosophy expressed in the guiding precepts of its Company Creed and Code of Conduct.

The Company takes all due measures to safeguard personal information in full compliance with laws, regulations, standards, and Company rules.

The term personal information refers to information that can be used to identify individual customers, such as name, age, address, place of employment, telephone number, fax number, and email address.

How we handle personal information

1. The Company manages the personal information obtained from its customers with all due care. We will disclose personal information to third parties only in the following cases:

・ As judged appropriate to allow internal sections responsible, affiliates, distributors, or trading companies to respond to inquiries, requests, or consultations

・ When disclosing the minimal necessary information to companies or other organizations that have concluded nondisclosure agreements with the Company

・ When disclosure is compelled by laws, regulations, or courts of law

2. The Company uses personal information solely within the scope of purposes corresponding to the Company’s sales activities.

3. A customer who does not wish to provide his or her personal information may refuse to do so simply by not completing the customer registration form.

However, in such cases, please note that the customer may be unable to use the services provided on this Site. Personal information registered by customers with the Company may be revised at the Site’s customer registration page by the customers themselves. We ask that customers wishing to review or delete their personal information contact the contact point indicated below. The Company will respond in due course, after confirming that the party making the request is the customer whose personal information is to be reviewed or deleted.

Customer inquiries, requests, and consultations

1. Inquiries, requests, and consultation, as well as ideas, expertise, and technical and other information, provided by customers through the Site are not regarded as confidential and are treated as information for which the customer grants the Company usage rights gratis. In addition, in the event that the Company develops or produces products or services based on information provided by a customer, the customer is deemed to have waived any claims on the Company to provide compensation or fulfill any other obligations.


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