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Becoming a company known and sought after worldwide

Founded in 1938, NITTOSEIKO has operated for 81 years. We believe our success over more than 80 years is explained by our role as a close, essential partner for our clients. During our formative years, during the turbulent post-war era, and even after our operations began to stabilize, the company survived numerous challenges amid changing economic circumstances. Even in such times, we tackled and resolved our difficulties in a steady, resolute spirit, in keeping with the basic policies of the Company Creed. Companies are often required to be flexible. They need to identify significant environmental changes and respond quickly to such changes. At other times, companies must abide by timeless and unchanging principles. At NITTOSEIKO, we continue to move forward based on the Company Creed and a corporate approach based on the Company Creed: to continue improving in ways that leave us better able to fulfill our mission; to work in a spirit of good-faith cooperative endeavor that puts honesty and community first; and to serve society at all times with a spirit of gratitude. In 2019, we launched long-term and mid-term business plans based on our constant corporate approach and looking forward toward our 90th and centennial anniversaries. As set forth in our long-term business plan for the next ten years and to move ever closer to our vision—offering manufacturing solutions that will make us a company known and sought after worldwide—we will rededicate ourselves under the Company Creed to become a corporate group known and trusted by clients and stakeholders worldwide.
President Masami Zaiki

To achieve this goal, we will create more opportunities to meet and maintain close, direct communication with our clients, thereby putting us in position to better understand what they feel. Based on this outlook, we plan to create products and formulate proposals our clients find truly valuable—products and proposals that help our clients continue to grow. For our mid-term plan, NITTOSEIKO’s Mission G, we’ve set a goal of achieving 120 percent customer satisfaction through wide regions of the world based on all-out team-based efforts among group companies. As stated in our slogan for the entire group—“Taking new steps forward side by side”—NITTOSEIKO will strive to strengthen ties with clients and to prosper together. We will continue to tackle new challenges to meet the expectations of our clients.

President Masami Zaiki

Chairman  Masami Zaiki